Jpa entitymanager merge not updating

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The following shows an example using CDI: That way it is possible to map arbitrary deep object graphs.When mapping from entities into data transfer objects it is often useful to cut references to other entities at a certain point.A mapper could also be defined in form of an abstract class instead of an interface and implement custom methods directly in this mapper class.In this case Map Struct will generate an extension of the abstract class with implementations of all abstract methods.

The Map Struct processor JAR should be listed and enabled there.

Alternatively, when using Java 8 or later, you can implement custom methods directly in a mapper interface as default methods.

The generated code will invoke the default methods if the argument and return types match.

An advantage of this approach over declaring default methods is that additional fields could be declared in the mapper class. An error will be raised when such an ambiguity is not resolved.

For properties which only exist once in the given source objects it is optional to specify the source parameter’s name as it can be determined automatically.

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